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Updated Aug 29, 2017 – Three days before my bicycle trip was to start, my older brother, Scott, died. I had to fly back to Spokane WA to help my father and nephew take care of all the lose ends. I decided to postpone my Underground Railroad bicycle tour to an unknown future time (and year). Scott is in a better place now, and I pray he finds peace and love in abundance.


May 2017 – It’s finally warm enough for my first bicycle tour of 2017. Yeah! No more winter rides with three layers of clothing to protect me from the cold. No more spinning in a stuffy room going nowhere. I was able to bike about 600 miles since January, so my legs are ready to go.
My plan is to ride a portion of the Adventure Cycling Association Underground Railroad Bike Route. I will leave my house in Cincinnati and bike to Erie PA, and include the Pittsburgh Spur. From Pittsburgh, I will ride US Bike Route 50 to Columbus OH, then retrace my route back to Cincinnati. It should be about 900 miles round trip, and take me three weeks to complete.

The UGRR route follows one of the many paths used by slaves as they fled the South in search of freedom. The entire route of 2006 miles starts at Mobile AL and ends at Owen Sound ON.

To learn more about the Underground Railroad, I went to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center with my wife, Michiko, and daughter, Jennifer. We are lucky to have this gem in our community. This was my second time visiting the Freedom Center, but it was just as emotional as the first time. I will never be able to fully grasp the pain, suffering, humiliation and death that was heaped upon slaves in this country. I get angry when I hear whites say that it is time for African Americans to “get over” the past. So easily said, but oh such an ignorant statement! Slavery was established in the US in the 1600’s. Generation after generation of African American families suffered this abomination. We are talking about 300 years of bondage. Despite the ending of slavery after the Civil War, African Americans have had to endure prejudice and segregation. My simple arithmetic says that it won’t be until the year 2300 when there has been enough time for healing to occur. The healing will happen a lot faster when I accept that my ancestors were responsible for perpetuating slavery and prejudice, and I sincerely ask the African American community to forgive me for this sin.

I look forward to stopping at all of the points of interest along the route from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh. If all goes according to plan, I will leave home the day after Mothers Day (May 15). Please follow my blog as I explore Ohio and Pennsylvania on a bicycle built for one (and a lot of stuff).
P.S. Some of you might be wondering why I am not biking across the USA this spring. So goes the best laid plans. We are in the midst of remodeling our house, so I am postponing the cross country trip to 2018. This change in plans will allow me to take another bike tour this fall. I will bike through the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the thoughtful comments. Have a safe and rewarding trip. Look fwd to you blog entries.

      1. First, my condolences. Second, you will like it when you get to it. I rode on BR Y up that way, crossed Pymatuning Lake (over 4 miles) saw a lot of Amish and lots of Rhodadendron in full bloom.

        400K in the books, just the 600K to go.

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